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All New ,All-Star  Cheerleading at Baker's school of gymnastics! First rate athletics designed to be affordable for most families! Fantasy Cheer stars ,hosted by Baker's school of gymnastics, has a first rate facility along with inspired and experienced coaching. Our philosophy is you can have a  fun , rewarding experience and still be a winning team. We will be offering teams for girls ages 6-14. Unlike youth football cheerleading our practices are only 2 days per week, and the girls get to compete several times not just one or two. There are no games to stand out in the cold and rain at, cheering for someone else-the crowd cheers for you! The program runs from September to the end of April.  No competitions require air travel. No experience is needed we can teach the girls everything they need to transform into an All-Star cheerleader. Cheer  provides excellent exercise and conditioning all through the winter months; combining gymnastics, stunting, dance and teamwork.

Come see us at Salem Commerce Park , 96 Swampscott Road Unit 9B in Salem MA.!

Girls who are on one of the competative teams at Baker's do not pay any additional tuition to cheer in the all-star program!



07/21/2014 03:00
Check back here to see the time and date for our sign-up and workshop for this year-if you can't make it that day , please let me know and we can make an appointment for you. We would also like to...
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